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Collect opinions on your new idea or on a specific issue you are interested in, evaluate current events, procedures or promotional activities, determine the target characteristics of your new brand or conduct an economic, social or sport survey by carrying out your own poll on a voting sample bearing the features of your choice.

Mobile Phones

Get to know how much you use your mobile phone, identify your consumer profile, compare months to one another or to the averages of your mobile phone use, identify how any deviations arise and record which months you heavily use your mobile phone. Based on this data, choose the plan that best suits you and avoid charges for services you do not use. Identify the services you should cut back on.


Get a full view and control over your real travelling and heating costs. You may compare your car’s consumption over time or various cars’ consumptions and costs. You may also precisely calculate the cost of each refuelling, based on the distance you have travelled or estimate beforehand the cost for any route you plan to drive. Concerning your heating consumption, you may compare costs between rooms or properties, determine consumption seasonality, calculate the benefit or extra cost in case you decide to operate your heating system for less or more hours and compare a single space’s consumption and heating cost in case you opt for a different kind of fuel.


Get an overall view of exactly what you spend money on, which is very difficult to do when you are overwhelmed by the multiple daily transactions. Monitor how you allocate your income in each expenditure category and map out and understand your personal consumer behaviour, as shaped by your daily routine. This way, you will gain full control over your expenses, by making any necessary adjustments to efficiently allocate your income. Moreover, you may also determine and avoid any expenses that do not worth their money. By keeping these records, you may also monitor how your choices and the structure of your personal consumer behaviour change over time.


Businessmen may present their business in order to look for financing, new investors or partners, mergers, franchisees, salespeople, management, marketing or restructuring consultants, training programmes etc. Businesses and Freelancers may promote their activities to potential new customers, organise or participate to conferences, exhibitions or roadshows or promote their research and innovation. Investors who wish to participate in a business or to start their own may search for investment opportunities and propositions. Employees and job seekers may look for a job over the internet, for an evening or weekend work, or they may just promote their research, study, innovation and achievements.


Once you have entered all details, the Statistics application forms your economic behaviour profile and compares your personal profile to the respective averages of other users, thus facilitating you in evaluating the necessity of any changes. For example, it facilitates you in determining for which of your expenditures you pay more than other users do and induces you to examine whether such needs could be satisfied on a tighter budget, but without deteriorating your standard of living.


The Portfolio Valuation application provides you with all necessary details at all times. This way you can manage your investments and liquidity more efficiently, through monitoring their value, performance and diversification. The application is designed to be flexible and user friendly and it offers numerous streamlined calculations. You only have to enter the minimum and simplest details, to get a full and detailed view of your portfolio composition and development, both individually for each investment and for your total portfolio.


Compare different types of loans to evaluate which best suits your needs and assess whether you should get it or not. For each loan, the application compiles a Loan Repayment Table, showing for each instalment –both in absolute figures and percentages– all repayments and outstanding obligations in detail, namely capital repaid, interest and total amount paid; outstanding capital, interest and total amount. All this information allows you to efficiently plan and organise your expenses and financial obligations.


Monitor up to three of your professional activities in detail, both individually and cumulatively, per month. Monitor how your activities develop overtime, by comparing to older activity data and identify the aspects in which you should emphasise. Monitor the average fee you charge, to adjust to the prevailing market conditions. Consider your professional expenses and their development at a glance, get a view of your monthly profit and evaluate your current and future liquidity.

Cash Flow Budgeting

Always keep your finances in order. Identify what you spend money on, evaluate your expenses and plan them more efficiently. Monitor your cash and deposits and adjust your cash policy and consumer behaviour to your current financial situation. Know your status and be confident, when planning for the future. Consciously rank your needs and desires, and avoid pointless expenses that do not offer you the respective satisfaction. Businesses can constantly monitor how their estimated income and scheduled expenses develop throughout the budget period, monitor the budget implementation degree and determine which points pose problems, and evaluate their liquidity at any time and adjust their business strategy accordingly.


A quick and easy way to simultaneously convert a quantity into various units of measurement; conversions are presented in a panoramic panel. Apart from currencies, the converter also uses units of measurement of both the International System of Units (SI) and the Imperial System.

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